Solar air conditioner Product Classification

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   Our company name is Yantai AST Import and Export Co., Ltd. We mainly provide solar air conditioners and solar panel lamps.
   As for solar air conditioners, Yantai AST is a leading company and a professional solution supplier in the field of power electronic technology and frequency conversion control technology. In order to better supplier of energy-saving electrical appliance products and system solutions, we have been hammering at R&D, and have successfully developed the solar-directly-generated inverter air conditioner with stable performance and excellent quality.
   Solar inverter air conditioners are widely accepted and praised by local and overseas buyers. Supported by the team, till now, a series of products have been successfully promoted to the market, including Domestic commercial solar inverter air conditioners and RV solar inverter air conditioners and Heat inverter pumping systems (pool heating systems driers).
   As for solar panel lamps, Yantai AST is mainly engaged in solar street lamp, solar garden lamp, solar wall lamp, solar lawn lamp and so on. We can supply the latest model for you and produce it according to your requirements with the better materials and the higher quality.
   We hope that we can provide the global customers with cost-effective products, specific OEM and ODM services, fast communication, convenient after-sales service and financial assistance. We have confidence to become a good partner to help our customers to be growing up bigger and stronger finally!
   Welcome you join us, to develop a pattern of mutually beneficial and win - win cooperation, to realize your business dream!